Dino DeAngelis

Dino websiteDino DeAngelis came to Kiwi Wine & Spirits as a Level II Sommelier, but got interested in wine while in college, taking wine classes and seminars. If he wasn’t working as a sales executive for Kiwi, you’d find Dino running his own wine shop, or possibly owning his own vineyard or winery; either of which could still be in his plans for the future. A few more questions for Dino…

What do you think is the most versatile wine?

That would be up to the individual palate, because everyone has different tastes.  But, I think it would be a California buttery chardonnay for sure, like Rombauer.  People like it as a cocktail wine, or paired with salads, chicken, fish… even salmon.

Why do people tend to think that red wines are superior to whites?

I think the reason is that red wines tend to be more difficult for your palate to enjoy initially.  If you’re just starting to enjoy wine, it’s best to start drinking Pinot Noirs and fruitier red wines before starting to drink dry red wines like cabernet sauvignon. Cabs take a while to gain appreciation for.

What is your favorite food and wine combination?

Petite sirah and ribeye, or maybe a montepulciano and pasta with red sauce.

What do you think is the most popular wine?

Cab is always king.

What wine to you think is underrated?

Chenin Blanc.

Got a favorite beer or cocktail?

Sorry. I’m a wine guy.

Who are you more like:  Miles or Jack from the movie Sideways?

I’m an original, I’m El Dino.

Email Dino at Dino@kiwidistributing.com