Matt Pye

Matt websiteIf you ask Kiwi Wine & Spirits Vice President Matt Pye how he first got interested in wine, he’ll tell you that he’s never known wine NOT to be a part of the Pye family lifestyle. Since the time he was very young, he remembers wine as always being a part of gatherings with family and friends; some of the wine coming from bottles and at times some coming from boxes! Get to know Matt a little better…

Any interest in owning your own vineyard or winery one day?

Honestly, I would much rather visit wineries around the world than own one myself.

What do you think is the most versatile wine?

We have so many wine varieties that versatility is not necessary, but I will say I always have Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge.

What is your favorite food and wine combination?

A perfectly grilled rib eye steak and a Rhone blend or Aussie shiraz.

Which wine to you think is underrated?

NZED Sauvignon Blanc.

Who are you more like:  Miles or Jack from the movie Sideways?

Henry Chinaski (the literary alter-ego of American writer Charles Bukowski).

If you could pick another career or job, what would it be?

Charter boat operator.

Favorite thing about your job?

We get paid to taste wine!

Be honest – will White Zin ever make a comeback?

What’s white zin?

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