Gilt Single Malt Gin

Gilt Single Malt Gin

GiltGinA Scotsman and a Spaniard were in a bar...

As we know from experience the conversation often turns to drink in these situations.

They dreamt of the idea of a gin. A Scottish gin produced from only the finest malt barley and botanicals of the highest standard. Botanicals that will marry with the base spirit to create one of the most outstanding craft gins.

A bespoke still would need to be used to enhance the natural flavors and bring this marriage of premium raw materials together.

The Scotsman scurried home and locked himself away in the still house, determined to create a gin to surpass the Spaniard's exacting standards.

Twelve months later GILT® was born.

Nose:  Light Citrus botanicals

Taste: Dry with punches of Juniper and Cardamom

Finish: Thirst quenching warmth